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Facade Inspection Company – DKM Consult Pvt Ltd.

AI Powered Automating & Digitizing Building Facade Inspections

The AI-powered technology developed by Raspect AI possesses the capability to detect and identify various types of facade issues, including cracks, spalling, corrosion, water damage, and other forms of deterioration. It can accurately pinpoint the location and severity of these issues, providing detailed reports and visual representations that facilitate decision-making and prioritize maintenance efforts.

How it works.

To give a small summary, here are the steps involved in the process.

Facade Inspection 3
Facade Inspection 2

High Accuracy

Image Positioning

Al-assisted defect localization on the video-based reconstruction of facade vertical panoramic columns of a building elevation.

AI Pre-screening Irregularities

Auto Dimensioning

Al-powered irregularities detection! for inspection prescreening. Users can modify irregularities by the given annotation tool. Auto-suggested defect dimensioning will also provide after the Al detection.

Facade Inspection 5
Facade Inspection 6

Automatic AI

Privacy Filter

Our Al would take care of the face blurring within the uploading process, you will never have to worry about privacy issues.

Visual and Thermal Image Compare

Side by Side

Make annotation on captured images and compare with thermal image easily.

Facade Inspection 7
Facade Inspection 8


Report Generation

With a single click, all uploaded data will be formatted into a Microsoft Word file for offline report management or further project-based

Aw- ards

Raspect has been at the forefront of tech innovation, we’re pushing boundaries and redefining industry standards & that has not gone unnoticed.

Tech Top 50

Tech Top 50 Industrial
Engineering Award by
Valuer Al (2022)

Global AI Challenge

Silver Award of Global Al
Challenge Competition for
Building Cooling Load Prediction

Forbes Asia 100

Forbes Asia 100 to Watch

Inspiring AI CEOs

The Most Inspiring Al CEOs
to Watch (2020)

HK ICT Startup

Winner of Hone Kong ICT
Startup Gold Awards (2020)

World Summit Awards

Winner of World Summit Awards
Smart Settlements & Urbanization

Our AI Facade Inspection Clients

Infinity IT Lagoon

IT Lagoon Developed by Infinity


Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation

Utkal Builders

Real Estate Development Org – BBSR

JD Center Of Art

Preserving Art & Cultural Heritage – BBSR

Contact Us

The Hillview House,
Plot no – 3476/8740/8742,
Pathargadia Road, Patia, Bhubaneswar, 751024


+91 85849 63685
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